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JC Films and author Jonathan Hickory are currently in the fundraising and script writing phase of turning this award winning powerful true story into a movie!  For all who donate $100 or more to this mission, your name will appear in the CREDITS for the FILM!!!  If you feel led to become part of making this ministry possible, click here to tithe/donate!  See below for more information.

This is your chance to be a part of a film, funded by faith, that reaches a police officer or first responder who is considering ending their own life.

Break Every Chain is a multiple award winning true story written by an active duty Virginia police officer, Chaplain, author and speaker Jonathan Hickory.  The story has been endorsed by Pastor Jonathan Falwell, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, and so many more.  

The story is now on the verge of being turned into a Christian film by producer Jason Campbell of JC Films.  We need your help to raise funds for film production.  This story has already reached so many police officers, first responders and others who are suffering from deep depression, sadness, post traumatic stress, and suicidal thoughts.  Will you help to reach those who sacrifice so selflessly?

The following is a summary of the story:

"Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and military members all see the innermost of our dark and fallen world. Jonathan Hickory gives us a veteran police officer’s intimate perspective into the struggle that many of our heroes battle in their hearts.

Drowning in the depths of depression and sadness, burning with anger, and chained down by alcoholism, Jonathan couldn’t do anymore. After the loss of his father as a young boy, facing countless horrific death scenes in the line of duty, and the death of his first son, Jonathan turned to the world for answers—finding only darkness. Facing the threat of losing his job as a police officer, the loss of his wife and daughter, and contemplating suicide, Jonathan turns to the only One who can truly save.
This amazing story of grace and the life changing power of Jesus Christ is guaranteed to encourage and inspire."

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God BLESS you,

Jonathan E. Hickory

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